TurkTradeIndex Private Policy

    - Telmar Communication Services Inc. (www.TurkTradeIndex.Com) (hereinafter referred to as the TurkTradeIndex) is committed to respecting the privacy of its visitors and registered members.

    - This privacy statement specifies how your personal information will be used by us when you connect to our site or register a member. When you see an application that does not comply with this privacy policy, please notify the following address.

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    - TurkTradeIndex is a B2B trading site. The company and product information that the companies fill out while registering to the TurkTradeIndex is the information accepted to be published openly to all visitors. TurkTradeIndex does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. The information given by the companies themselves.

    -TurkTradeIndex gives the decision of which information will be published and which information will not be published. Company and product descriptions which do not comply with the Turkish trade laws and which humiliate other brands and firms cannot be published.

    - Except for the information requested by the member companies themselves and the information requested by the members themselves, the registration and registration of the visitors are not kept in the TurkTradeIndex.

    - Member accounts and information entered by user name and password are only belong to the user and can only be accessed with username and password. No user name and password information are not given to any person who is not authorized by the company.

    - Members can always update their information or ask for the form to be filled out.

    - Members can always change the product, service and demand information they publish.

    - (Company name, address, tel-fax, company, product and service etc.commercial information) that are filled in the registration form of the company registered in the TurkTradeIndex. It accepts all users and visitors to establish their commercial links with the e-mail address they provide (product-demand). Already, companies and members of the TurkTradeIndex to establish a commercial connection with them to become members and provide the company information.

    - The first information we receive when you visit any page of the TurkTradeIndex is the IP address and domain name of your connection, which our servers automatically receive. This, of course, is not a process of revealing the personal information of the visitor and only aims to compile statistical information such as the number of individual users connected to our site every day, how many pages are visited.

    - The privacy of our visitors and registered users is protected under international laws and regulations.

    - TurkTradeIndex is not responsible for the content of the linked site. On the links given to other websites in the TurkTradeIndex, .

    - within the TurkTradeIndex membership forms and within the site, TurkTradeIndex do not request, receive or store your private and confidential information (Credit card information, etc.) .

    - If all or some of the TurkTradeIndex assets change hands, we reserve the right to transfer the information we have available for use in accordance with the above-mentioned rules.

    - TurkTradeIndex reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and conditions of use at any time.

    - By visiting this Web site, as a member and using various services on our site, you are deemed to consent to the collection and use of your information as described above.

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