TurkTradeIndex.com User Guide


      - Membership to TurkTradeIndex.Com is free.
      TurktradeIndex.Com is obligatory to trade, to buy goods, to sell goods, to offer to members and to send messages.
      Free members can submit offers and requests to all published products.
      They can publish only 1 (one) product or demand

      Gold & Business Membership

      If TurkTradeIndex.com members want to benefit from more services and facilities, they can upgrade your membership to Gold or Business membership.
      The number of products they publish and the services they receive vary according to the membership types.
      See Membership Types

      Total active member : 357.278

      Entering Product / Demand

      Members may publish products and requests according to their membership types.
      Members who publish our products can find new customers and find new suppliers in our members who publish their purchase requests.

      At the product / request entry;
      - Product name and features
      - Price
      - Brand
      - Packaging
      - Minimum amount of demand
      - Loading and delivery conditions etc.
      Do not forget to give the widest information on the products.

      - Total trade leads ............ : 115.139

      Buy or Selling

      Members can make purchase and sales offer to the products published on the site.
      Visitors can order, buy and submit products as a free member.
      The proposal and the demands made on each product, person or company that issued in Turkey is Turkish, it goes in English and in other countries.
      With this offer and request, the buyer's contact information is also sent to the product owner so that the companies maintain the trade relationship and communication among themselves.
      The first offer and communication is made on TurkTradeIndex.Com but other stages of trade, import, export, letter of credit etc. relationships develop between buyers and sellers.
      TurkTradeIndex.com is not a party in this trade.

      TurkTradeIndex.Com also sent information on what company to which the company sent the offer and demand.
      When they enter this information into their members' accounts, they can see those who bid on their products and they can correspond with them again.
      In the same way, you can follow the offers you have previously given from the members' accounts.

      Bad Intention Notice

      Our members should conduct their commercial relations consciously and carefully on internal and external issues.
      In goods purchase and sales, especially in international shopping according to the rules of trade to endeavor to do.
      They should not give any kind of fraud.
      Don't forget to inform TurkTradeIndex.com about members of malicious behavior and relationship.
      Members who display bad intentions are expelled from membership.
      False products and services publishers who provide false contact information are identified and their membership is terminated if they are identified.
      Do not forget to inform us in fraudulent transactions about the removal of leads and to cancel their membership.


      Do not forget to comment on the company you are trading with. Comments will guide you and the companies that will trade with you after that.
      Comments are posted after TurkTradeIndex.com has been checked by the site administration. (swearing and insulting content not published).
      Each company can respond to the comments made on it and its product. Those who follow the comments can also read the answers given and the defense of the firm.

      Where to start?

      - Register first!
      - Add Product
      - Enter a selling lead
      - Enter a buying lead
      - Please see all buying and selling leads.
      - Offer the product you want to buy or sell.
      - Upgrade your membership to Gold, Business membership
      - Post your products on showcase

      Product Alert System

      - Be aware of every product and product in the sector that is interested in the product warning system.
      - When the request or product is entered into the sectors you are interested in, the system will warn you and send you an e-mail.
      - More than 353.432 commercial links were established via TurkTradeIndex.Com.

      Trade Support

      Members trade, purchase, sale, export, import, customs clearance, letter of credit and so on. TurkTradeIndex.Com .