TurkTradeIndex Term Of Use

    1- The visitor is deemed to have accepted the terms of use by entering the Turkish Turk Trade Index (www.TurkTradeIndex.com) website and becoming a member.

    2- In the TurkTradeIndex, there are paid and free services. The right to charge paid services and to make paid services free of charge shall be reserved in the TurkTradeIndex.
    We reserve the right to temporarily and permanently remove some and all of the Services.

    3- TurkTradeIndex is a B2B trading website. When companies register, they aim to promote the company and its products and establish a commercial connection on the TurkTradeIndex. TurTradeIndex can not be held responsible for the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the parties in the commercial shopping and connections established on this site.
    Responsibility of the correct and inaccuracy of the information given by companies

    4- The information provided by the firms when registering and registering to the TurkTradeIndex is open to all TurkTradeIndex users and visitors and the responsibility for this information is the responsibility of the company.
    Any other company, brand, user and information that damages the TurkTradeIndex will be discarded. Which information will be published or not published is at the disposal of the TurkTradeIndex.

    5 - Companies fill in the membership form, companies, products and services about the current and real information will be deemed to have accepted. In case of incomplete or incorrect information, it is at the disposal of the TurkTradeIndex to discontinue all or part of the company information.
    The products and services of the employees who want to publish products and services with the same characteristics under various sectors will be deleted.
    Subsequently, their membership is canceled.

    6- Company name, address, tel-fax, company, product and service etc. which is filled in the registration form of the company registered in TurkTradeIndex. (commercial information).
    It accepts all users and visitors to establish their commercial links with the e-mail address they provide (product-demand).
    Already, companies become members of the TurkTradeIndex for the commercial connection of the visitors and users to them and provide their company information and exhibit their products and services.

    7- When the company completes the membership form in the TurkTradeIndex;
    - Lying and not wrong.
    - No stolen copy.
    - Other companies, products, brands and users to be depriving
    - Unfair competition
    - No pornography.
    - Do not contain any software or viruses that could harm others and the TurkTradeIndex.
    - does not include SPAM-making feature to members of the TurkTradeIndex,
    They are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.

    8 - TurkTradeIndex has the right to reproduce and publish the information given during the registration of companies in all kinds of media (magnetic, paper printing, CD etc.) within the framework of confidentiality principles.

    9- Visitors and members are entitled to make commercial connections through the site in order to benefit from the information available to users in the TurkTradeIndex.
    However, no member or user has the right to copy, reproduce, sell any or all of the information on the TurkTradeIndex website using any software.
    No user and any member of any program using the data in the TurkTradeIndex to try to break, corrupt, change the information of other companies, does not have the right to monitor the correspondence between companies.
    On the contrary, movement is a crime.

    10- Those who do not comply with the conditions of use are first warned by the site manager, if they continue, their records in the TurkTradeIndex are deleted and legal remedies are taken.

    11- TurkTradeIndex shall always have the right to change the conditions of membership, fees and terms of use.

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